Strange how things happen

5 min readJul 21, 2022


First we had droughts and hardship

Now we give Thanks for abundant rains and at some places the crop stand in the water — slightly flooded — but we rather give thanks for the blessing.

Yes, it happened that a lot of farmers got into debt.

Worse even, it also happened that a lot of farmer’s crops failed.

That’s even tougher because the farmer had debt in the first place and had to pay the debt with the proceeds of the new harvest.

Then the harvest failed and the farmer had more debt… and tough times.

Well, there is a solution

What is that solution you may ask?

The Solution is to Make Money from an EXTRA income stream.

Yes, this will help you keep your Farm.

Better even, you can still carry on with your farm agriculture and do this.

Something more resilient and even better — recession proof.

Something that can bring “Almost Instant” Income — well yes, for a now “ex farmer” to get big Income like in six days is like “instant Income”

What is that you may ask?

Let me tell you a true story and you will “see” how well this works in real life — just like a blessing from above.

Because it is a true story, it may sound horrible to you, but it is true and shows how to transform your life from zero to hero in true life.

During the previous recession, I lost my job due to the recession like millions of other people.

Because I had nothing left, I ended up on a farm.

It was more like living in the open field in an old run down caravan.

That is basically like living in the field in a Shack open to all the elements.

Yes, that was bad, but you had no job, nothing.

But I knew how to provide best value service to customers.

Then one day, as the farm owner drove by, I greeted him in a friendly manner.

After the usual greetings, I offered him a way to get more income for the farm.

Like a shock out of the blue, he actually offered me to take the job for bookings on the farm — almost in a way that said like a dare, If you think you can do it, I dare you to do great or get thrown out of this place.

So, without thinking, I said yes, I will do it.

(Yes, I had nothing else, so it was a choice of having something or nothing)

So Now, I had a job, but they wanted “Big Time” return for that.

So how do you do that when you have no “following” or “list” to help you?

Answer: You get creative.

So what is “creative” you may ask?

See, to be “creative, you have to “create” something of Value to benefit the people it is being offered to.

That’s a long statement, what does it mean?

It means, every one of us uses “things” or “services” or “goods” that have value to us.

It is like the farmer who produces food to sell because the food has value to people — because people eat food.

Yes, you understand, now the next step.

The farmer tried his hand at producing harvests, but the harvests failed.

Now, the question asks, what EXTRA Income can the farmer get?

This is what I did to get that EXTRA Income for the farm.

There are several steps to follow, but let’s start with the easy ones.

What can you do on the farm that has value to customers?

Answer: Because the farm had trees on and a bit of grass by the trees, you could offer people to come celebrate their birthdays in nature under the trees.


What did you just achieve?

You just created a Birthday venue by using words and people liked what they saw in nature.

People liked it and came to have birthday parties in nature.

But now, don’t run away, there is still some that I did to let it succeed.

How do people know about it?

You see, you had to put your offer in front of many people, for the people to come.

Then you still had to offer your “birthday venue” in such a way that it has value to people.

So, first, the area by the trees had to be cleaned, the grass had to be cut and taken care of so that the grass would be beautiful green lush grass.

Yes, the whole area was made secure for the people’s benefit.

Here comes the part.

I placed picture of what I offered for customers, at a place where lots of people were.

But the place had to be a “targeted” place for the “birthday” people I want for customers.

The picture showed what I offered and had my phone number on it.

Then, as the people phoned, I honestly told the people what I offer in the birthday venue.

Yes, the people liked it as it provided value to the people.

I took the bookings every time the people phoned.

Yes, as time goes by, the bookings became more and more.

When the bookings became more and more, it provided an EXTRA Income stream for the farm.

In real life, people have birthday’s throughout the whole year.

Now, you want to ask how much money this plan brought in.

Well, let’s talk numbers.

I offered the “birthday venue” to grown up people — adults first.

Why did I offer it to adults first?


That is because grown up people, adults like to brag in front of their friends.

These adults would invite many friends to attend their birthday event.

Little Secret.

For the use of the venue, I charged a small entrance fee to make it easy for people and give good value.

Let’s talk numbers.

Many times, these Adults invited like a 150 or more people to their birthday party.

That would be 150 x 60 entrance fee is 9000 before lunch time in one day.

You could easily have like 4 birthday parties in a week, making that total 36000 for the week.

Then, you take that birthday parties for half of the year, that total would go to 936000.

More important is that the money came in on a steady basis every week to make life better.

Do you see the how I went from zero to hero?

This can be done in real life.

Because of my friends insisted, I wrote up these plans that I did to help others also.

The plans are available at this link Plans