Maggie was on Holiday…2021

Yes, Maggie was on Holiday…

Did you think Little Temper Tantrums would take kindly to…being retrenched from her job after so many years…?

No… you say… Watch out !!!…a Coffee Mug…just missed your head…

TING!!!…It hit the wall HARD…Pieces…everywhere…


Maybe…it would help if you keep your big trap shut…This coffee mug missed…



Yes…That will teach you…

Now didn’t Maggie start a new business — Maggie’s meals with the prepared meals ?

Yes, Maggie did that…and more.

What more did Maggie do?

Well, she felt still stressed from what happened to her from the retrenchment…so she wanted to go on holiday…

Yes, don’t we all want to do that.

Now she is running Maggie’s meals again. For a lot of people it is cheaper to get the prepared meals than prepare it them self — especially if it is people who live a little further from town. like a bit more rural.

Yes, Maggie read a lot of story books.

Some of them Thriller books

But she will have to buy another Coffee Mug — the one that just went to pieces against the wall was her favorite

How Do Maggie deal with stress ?

WHAT did you Just say…came an angry voice..

Nothing..we were just talking…anyhow, I find that when Maggie do some Coloring Coloring Pages, She calm down and it Definitely make her better.

You can get Maggie’s Coloring Page with this link

INSTANT DOWNLOAD — It is a Digital download


— You will receive it via your email.

— Print it out on 8.5 inch x 11 inch Paper of your choice.

— Enjoy

WATCH OUT !!! A Coffee Mug Just Missed your head and HITT the WALL HARD!!! DING!!… Maybe Maggie is Stressed… read the “Stress Story of Maggie… Click to read




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Lecturer , trainer and businessman. Owner of

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