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webhost bluemail

Your Online store

webhost bluemail

- How do I make money on internet?

First thing to decide is what niche you want to be in.

What is your niche?

Your niche is your area of skill or your interests or your area interest of your business.

How will customers find me?

Because you want to make money on Internet, you need to set up your “Business store” on Internet — so you can sell to customers.

You set up your “Business store” — your website at a web host. The web host is like the building where your store is.

There is some critical aspects that a web host must be — like the web host must be reliable !

What is meant by a reliable web host?

Some famous web hosts are like “sometimes switched off” and just “sometimes switched on” — that is NOT acceptable. The web host must be “switched on all the time” because your website lives there and customers need to find it available there.

webhost bluemail


What is webhost bluemail ? Your Web Host need to be fast and your email service provider ideally is a specialist email provider — thereby giving you the best.

— Money tip. Nobody wants to think about it, but if you had to start over with noting and you had an email list and raving fans, you will win BIG for life. Now remember, your web host is the “Building” on internet where your business lives. Your email is just about Simply the Most Profitable way to communicate with your customers

Your web host need to be fast!

What is meant by your web host need to be fast ?

Do you want to wait “all day” for your “take away order “ ? No, off course not. When you browse the internet, you expect it to be fast and give you what you want straight away.

In the same way, your web host need to be fast so that your website can be fast to help your customers.

I want a affordable web host?

Yes, an affordable web host is like HostArmada. Click here for HostArmada

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You must get a Domain name.

What is a domain name?

A Domain name is the that the customers can find you on internet

This goes hand in hand with your web hosting. Example — your store/business is in a building (your web host) and your business name in front of your store is (

You know already how you type in a business on internet to find that particular business.

How do I set up a store at the web host?

Luckily for you, the web host provide a free solution for you.

You see, you can install a wordpress website for free at your web host like HostArmada — that save you lots of money.

The setup can be one for you

You can get even more benefits at HostArmada

What other benefits can I get at HostArmada?

Depending on your needs and the plan you choose, you can get one or even more websites per plan — but it gets even better.

The ram memory allocated to your website is more.

Why do more ram memory make a difference?

To allocate more ram memory is the easiest way to speed up your website — benefit to you and your customers.

Next Hostarmada offers 15 GB for storage or more depending on the plan you choose.

Why does this matter?

A lot of “famous web hosts” offers only 5GB of storage. You now get 3 times as much storage — a bigger store and bigger money profits coming to you.

Next, it offers 3 plans with 2 cores CPU, 4 cores cpu or 6 cores cpu computer crunching power for you.

Why do the cores CPU matter?

Because at “other Famous Web hosts” you share the cores of cpu computer crunching power — that means when you share the cores with many other websites you only get a tiny piece of computer crunching…forget the power…

Now you get 2 cores or more computer crunching power just for you.

Remember at the start — the ram memory is more — you get 2GB ram memory or 4GB or 6 GB depending on your plan.

Why does Ram memory make a Difference?

The More ram memory a computer has, the faster and better it can do the job. If the job is running your website and the computer has more ram, you website will be faster.

Remember the old days when you had to wait a bit for the computer to finish…

Well that is over now with stronger faster computers with more ram memory.

But there is more.

What more do I get?

You get Unmetered Bandwidth

What is Unmetered Bandwidth?

Just like the airtime you use on your mobile phone and your internet connection — the amount of “talk time” or internet usage amount is metered and is called bandwidth. The “other Famous web hosts” meter your usage and if it gets a bit much — the “Famous internet web hosts” will “suffocate” your website to a standstill to force you to pay more for an upgrade…horrible yes… but there is a better alternative — go for Unmetered Bandwidth like HostArmada offers.

Next you get FREE Domain register/transfer.

Why does FREE Domain register/transfer matter?

You have a store now, your store needs a name so customers can find it. The name must be registered so that there is ONLY ONE of your name — customers can find you.

To register a Domain name costs money. At HostArmada, the will register it FREE for you.

You get a FREE SSL Certificate for all your websites.

What is a FREE SSL Certificate for my website? Why does this matter?

A SSL Certificate is a BIG deal these days because a SSL certificate is that “padlock” you see in front of a website name — that tells you the website is SAFE AND SECURE TO TAKE PAYMENT.

This is so critical that customers won’t buy from you if you do not have an SSL certificate on your website. — at HostArmada you get it FREE

You can get many unique visitors depending on your plan

You get 7 or more daily backups

Why do daily backups matter?

SAFETY and SECURITY… Nobody wants to think about things going wrong…you don’t even talk about it. BUT you have to prepare — daily backups is that safety and security to save YOU in case of an emergency. It’s worth it.

When things did go wrong, your website can be RESTORED and be GOOD again because of backups. Be SAFE

HostArmada - Affordable Cloud SSD Web Hosting

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