Discover Beautiful Canada

Discover Beautiful Canada Camping Journal

Is Canada good for camping?

- Outdoor camping in Canada is a favorite pastime for families, adventurers, and nature lovers.

— Spending time in the mountains and woods, beside beautiful lakes and oceans — all while sleeping under the stars — gives you plenty of opportunities to feed your soul.

What are the good things about camping?

6 important reasons why camping is good for you

— Camping helps with problem solving. …

— Camping is great for children’s education. …

— Camping can help you sleep better. …

— Camping helps increase your vitamin D intake. …

— Camping can lead to increased exercise. …

— Camping could make you happier.

What do you need to camp in Canada?

Recommended camping packing list for Canada

— Backpacking Tent.

— Camping Tarp.

— Warm Sleeping Bag.

— Air Mattress.

— Sleeping Pad Coupler Sheet.

— Camping Pillow.

— Handheld Flashlight.

— Collapsible Water Bottle

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Lecturer , trainer and businessman. Owner of

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