Discover America camping state by state — Live the American Dream

Discover America camping state by state

Discover the great America by going Camping again and see her beauty.

— Make your children proud of the beautiful country.

— Now keep a family journal of all your Camping trips also state by state and you will have many “Campfire” stories to tell.

— What’s more — everybody will listen — spellbound…

— Maybe you discover the next great story that Hollywood will Love…and maybe you become Rich and Famous.

Live the American Dream.

Did you know about the GREAT parks in the most of the US States ?

Start Visiting the parks and write your adventures and stories in this easy to use custom camping journal.

Look at your state in the list and see The great camp adventures


What is special about Denali National Park?

Image result for Alaska Wonder Lake Denali National Park Getty Alaska

Measuring 20,310 feet, Denali is the tallest peak in North America. The first climb to the top was accomplished in 1913. A member of the party, Harry Karstens, would later become the first superintendent of Denali. Today, mountaineers from around the world take on the challenge.




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Lecturer , trainer and businessman. Owner of

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